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What is a troll?

A troll is a being in Norse mythology and from Scandinavian folklore. They dwelled in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves and lived in small groups or families . Their looks and characteristics differed depending on what region they were from.

Here is a little more information about the trolls. . .

There was a time when waters were clear and forests were untouched. When the ancients spoke of "guardians of the earth" in Scandinavian lands.  These mysterious creatures were called "trolls."  These solitary beings were told to be kidnappers and man-eaters. Numerous tales of trolls picture them much like a small man such as a dwarf. These mischievous creatures with bad associations were old and scary looking!



Trolls were known to guard the earth's natural resources by burying precious  gemstones, silver, copper, gold, brass, bronze and such underground.  The presence of trolls usually indicates gold or gemstones are buried nearby! Which is why trolls are often associated with good fortune.

We know that after a rain shower, rainbows appear. The trolls guarding the buried treasure have long hair with shimmering lights the colors of the rainbow. Trolls who guard the "pot of gold" can be identified by their rainbow colored hair.

Trolls live in families.  Other troll families are the "forest trolls" who have green hair and "sea trolls" who have blue hair. The older and wiser trolls have gray or white streaks in their hair.

The best place to find a troll would be a patch of berries.  But trolls move so quickly they can only be caught if you "grab them by the hair."  Once caught, a troll will grant you a wish. Because of this, trolls are said to bring good look when you rub their hair.

Because they are rarely seen, some people believe trolls no longer exist today.

THESE ONCE FORGOTTEN creatures are once again in our mist. Find one, grab it by the hair, MAKE A WISH.  Quickly! Before the sunlight comes up and burns them to stone!

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Written by Nelda Brown — January 10, 2017


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