Earth Ocean Fire Jewelry

Rhino Bracelets

Our newly designed "Rhino Bracelet" is to remind you to keep charging! We sell these for you to wear and remind yourself to keep charging like a two-ton rhino toward your goals and your dreams. Tough skin and focus is a necessity to keep moving forward!

These designs represent the brown rhino and the black rhino.  The bracelets are made with hand made clay beads that are fired for durability. A handsome color-mix and soft sheen finish make beautiful rhino beads. Women rhinos and Men rhinos will enjoy this design.

We provide Free Priority Shipping and Free Gift Packaging plus a Rhino postcard reminder to keep charging toward your goals! Your rhino card will be in a hard plastic frame that you can continue to use or easily remove and place in your own frame. Set it on your desk or attach to frig or filing cabinet as the frame has a magnet attached on the back.

 Be sure and choose your size when you order from sizes listed.

Average Men is 7 1/2" and Average Women is 6 3/4" 

Let me know if your size is not listed.

If you need several for your employees, let me know and I can make you a special order.

If you want an exact size; wrap a loose cord around your wrist and then lay on a flat ruler.                                                           


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