Men's Irish Vintage Style Dirty Green Turquoise Necklace

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This Irish necklace was inspired by vintage style and colors. Green and brown necklace is designed in a 1930's vintage style with dark green jade gemstones complimented by wood and other natural beads. Make an awesome first impression at your next social mixer or coffee date! This necklace gives you a put together look where you are going on a casual outing or a business casual event. Enjoy the "Luck of the Irish" all year long when you add this necklace to your collection.

We use quality materials in our jewelry such as stainless steel wire and claps and a good grade of gemstones. Because our jewelry is not manufactured, we give you excellent beading and inspection. We keep you in mind as we design for a durable and beautiful finished product.

We provide handsome packaging that includes a nice gift box and a burlap storage bag at no extra cost making this an impressive Irish gift item for graduation, birthday or any special occasion.

We provide Free Priority US Shipping and offer low cost First Class International shipping.
Please select your size from the menu when you order. Suggested size is 22" or 24" for average build.

Note: To find your size, put on the shirt you plan to wear with the necklace and lay a loose cord around your neck. And then lay on a flat ruler.
NOTE:  If you wish to purchase the necklace and bracelet set, please visit the set section.  This price is for the necklace only. Thank you.
If your size is not listed send us a message!

Note: See our customer review for this necklace! (below)


Etsy Customer Review: "Perfect! Thank you so much. The shipping was great, and the artisans at the shop too (I wrote a rather panicky mail whether they can expedite the shipping and I got a prompt reply telling me that they will send it out immediately and everything will be fine - which is was) The packaging and wrapping was done with great care and the box is nice. My husband loves the necklace (and I do too). It looks great with his blue eyes and it is not too ostentatious. Perfect - really (and I am European - so this is no US-American Hyperbole)"  
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