Men's Irish Vintage Style Green Turquoise Beaded Necklace

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New! Updated look for our Irish Collection!

Vintage colors of brown and green are beaded in a unique pattern for this Irish necklace. The jade gemstones are surrounded with complementary beads plus clusters of turquoise. The design is set off with a large, gold clasp, easy for men to handle!

Note: this turquoise is more green than blue. the photos sometimes look blue, but it is green turquoise.


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-"Very beautiful I must say I will recommend to my friends"

 -"Perfect! Thank you so much. The shipping was great, and the artisans at the shop too. (I wrote a rather panicky email whether they can expedite the shipping and I got a prompt reply telling me that they will send it out immediately and everything will be fine - which is was) The packaging and wrapping was done with great care and the box is nice. My husband loves the necklace (and I do too). It looks great with his blue eyes and it is not too ostentatious. Perfect - really (and I am European - so this is no US-American Hyperbole)"