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Garnet is a warrior's gemstone 

We are surrounded by many energies in our modern techno world. Microwaves, cell phones, computers, and every imaginable technological amusement. They all interfere with the energies around our physical bodies.  Garnet is said to balance the energies around us bringing peace and harmony.


Sometimes, it is nice to chill out and reflect and get peace.

The birthstone for January is garnet and its name probably came from the Latin word "granatum" meaning pomegranate" which is a dark red wine color just like the garnet gemstone.  In ancient times, night travelers would wear a piece of garnet to protect them from vampires and other predators of the dark. At night they would wear a chunk of garnet stone around their neck as they traveled. It is said the garnet would light up their pathway and show them where to travel as well as protect them from accidents.

In many ancient cultures, warriors wore garnet to protect them in battle; it was set in helmets, shields, and other pieces of armor.  When socializing, dignitaries dropped a piece of garnet in their wine glass to protect them from poisoning.

Business success is associated with garnet gemstone. Especially if you are starting a home business. It is believed that in the realm of business, garnet can attract the right business partners who are great to do business with; who can help provide personal and business success.

Place a garnet gemstone on your desk for its lucky energies.

If your creative energies are stuck, garnet is supposed to activate the fires and get them going again.

Garnet is found in Africa, India, Russia, South America, Madagascar, Pakitstan and U.S.



You will find many of our men's designs use garnet in them. this bracelet above is the Blue Hamptons Bracelet for men.

The dark garnet beaded men's gemstone necklace and necklace set are a favorite. of our

From the city of many energies and electric lights, Las Vegas.

Thank you stopping to reflect with me. Nelda

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