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Are You Dapper? Find out in this brief article.

Dapper is timeless fashion that allows men to enjoy expressing themselves with color and accessories and stylish outfits.

Definition of dapper

1 a : neat and trim in appearance
  • looked very dapper in their uniforms
b : very spruce and stylish
  • a dapper new suit
2 : alert and lively in movement and manners
  • a dapper old gentleman







The time period for dapper is mostly 1950's, 1960's and now, with updated modern approaches to dapper.  Some examples of men dressed in this style are found in the television series, "Madmen."  Don, is a Dapper Man.



Hats, pocket squares, cuff links, ties, bow ties and watches!

You can often find great bargains on dapper items at thrift stores or on e-bay and amazon. Just be selective and if an item seems questionable, ask for your friend's opinion. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun as you develop your dapper.


In the photo above is Paul Newman, notorious for his blue jean button-down shirts. Denim is dapper! For pants use denim, chino, or khaki with a belt that fits well and is buckled two holes down.

Plaid shirts that button down paired with solid color blazers such as navy, gold, gray or brown will work fine.


SHOES such as wing-tips, loafers, suede boots, or sandals look awesome with dapper outfits. A good pair of boots are always a good choice if you are not sure what to wear.

Hollywood is filled with dapper suits and accessories. You will find some of your favorite stars decked out in dapper.

According to the urban dictionary: Dapper is having features that elevate respect, elegance, romance, sexiness, and most of all charm and style.
Dapper men include Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Robert Redford and Christoper Plummer.

Photo above is Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire. Love those shoes!
The origin of a man being considered "dapper" were the men with beards and top hots in the 1800's.  A dapper man is a gentleman, and will pay the bill on a date and appropriately respect a women and compliment her when a compliment is needed.
He is like a hipster in the sense that he does not need to try to have a keen sense of style in the appropriate setting. Darren Criss on "Glee" is very dapper!

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